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Master Gerald Brown

Master Jerry BrownMaster Gerald Brown, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, was initially introduced to martial arts in 1960. At that time, Master Brown suffered from low self-esteem and had a need to acquire skills to be confident and effectively defend himself in the very tough urban environment of Avondale in Cincinnati.
Through the insight, knowledge and wisdom of his seventh grade English teacher at Samuel Ach Junior High School, the late Kuaana Bell of Hawaii, Master Brown was offered instruction in Judo. From that point, Master Brown was systematically introduced to other styles of martial arts, including Jujitsu, Aikido and Kenpo Karate.

Upon his release from the United States Navy in 1968, Master Brown's study of martial arts continued under the instruction of the late Grand Master Maynard Stanley, as well as Grand Master Charles Emery, Grand Master Kenneth Robinson, Grand Master Michael Posey the late Grand Master Joe Thompson and the late Grand Master Eugene Fields. The late Grand Master Thompson was his primary instructor.

The late 1970's began what was to become a lengthy absence for Master Brown from the martial arts. He returned to the Art in the early 1990's, earning his First Degree Black Belt in 1993.
Master Brown currently teaches Tang Soo Do, self-defense and weaponry including the sword and shuriken, as Master Instructor, Seventh Degree Black Belt, at the Carl H. Linder Family YMCA in Cincinnati.

In 2004, upon considering what direction to pursue beyond his martial arts expertise, Master Brown decided to endeavor into the arena of healing through the study and practice of Reiki.
This art form focuses on the use of the Universal Life-Force Energy in the effort of healing others on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
Master Brown began studying and achieved the ranking of Second Degree Healing Therapist. Master Brown has added the application of the practice of Reiki to the agenda of martial arts training at the Carl H. Linder Family YMCA.

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