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About The Grandmasters

Grandmaster Llewellyn Rogers

Grandmaster Lew RogersGrandmaster Llewellyn Rogers holds the rank of 8th degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do. Grandmaster Rogers also holds 6th degree Black Belt in weapons in Shorin.

Grandmaster Rogers has 42 years of martial arts experience. He is considered one of the best tournament fighters and all around martial artist in the midwest with awesome kicks and lightening fast hands. He has won numerious awards for his outstanding ability in the martial arts.

Grandmaster Rogers is the developer of the Lew-Ti fitness program which merges the best techniques of karate, boxing, and calisthenics into a fun, effective and exciting fitness program. Click here to download a file listing many of Grandmaster Rogers accomplishments and activities.

Grandmaster Rogers is credited with the formation and ongoing leadership of the NBBKAF Security team. The team has completed security details for well known artist like, Dru Hill, Lil' Kim, Too Short, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Chip-in-dale, Louis Farrakhan, and President Bush, Senior. Grandmaster Rogers has created a program called Exercising Your Right To Protection and is also currently performing security for several public libraries in the Cincinnati area as well as for Fittworks. Click here for photos of the security team and some of the team activities.

One of the many contributions Grandmaster Rogers has contributed to the community has been his volunteering his time to serve as a Power Ranger! Click here to see Grandmaster Rogers in "action"!

The video link below shows Grandmaster Rogers conducting a sparring session with his son, Lew Rogers Jr. at the Inner Peace Workshop held in November 2006.

Inner Peace Workshop 11/2006
Sparring Session

Grandmaster Rogers is credited with the design and creation of the following patches:


patch1 patch2 patch3